Found: The Most Cynical Project Management Post of the Year (So Far)


I was floored this morning when I came across this post about project sponsors. Some choice excerpts:

The problem with project sponsors is that they have got to where they are by climbing a very dirty greasy pole. They now have a privileged aerial view of the executive landscape…. The slightest hint or whiff [...]

Headline: Project Management Book Breaks Project Management


I found the following subject line on a mail in my inbox yesterday:

PMBOK Breaks Project Management

The PMBOK is the grandiosely titled Project Management Book of Knowledge from the Project Management Institute (of which I’m a member).

Wow, I thought, someone else thinks formulaic, by-the-book-only project management can be as much a problem as a [...]

The Art of (Legal) Project Management… in Brief Video Form


Over on the Lexblog, I’ve posted four brief fireside-chat videos (with a fifth coming tomorrow) describing briefly some key topics in Legal Project Management.

Almost all of it applies equally well to non-Legal project management (which isn’t the same thing as illegal project management). The topics are:

The Stages of a Project simplifies an approach to project [...]

(Referral) Why Managers Like Waterfall Project Management


Johanna Rothman has an interesting post on why senior managers seem to like waterfall project management, or, as she puts it, serial lifecycles.

I do take issue with one blanket statement, however: “The projects your senior managers worked on were much simpler than the products you’re working on now.” This statement assumes either that the IT [...]

MS-Project and the Deadline Dashboard


I’m not a huge fan of dashboards, particularly red-yellow-green types of dashboards. Too often, the oversimplify, providing a simplistic, un-nuanced and therefore low-value view of a situation.

In particular, I believe they’re a very poor tool for reporting up or out on a project or project portfolio, for reasons I’ve detailed in other posts.

However, if used [...]

A Healthcare-IT Professional Discusses Workflow


Healthcare IT pro Elyse Nielsen has one of the best-named blogs around: AntiClue. She also has a recent post on workflow. In it, she lists what she sees as the top six workflow issues:

Automating a bad process will just make it fail faster and magnify the problem. This is very similar to Steven’s First Law [...]

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed


A few weeks ago, I had to chain-saw my way into my driveway. In an odd way, it made me think about project-management tools. (This post on project management is modified from my “day-job” site,

I own a house with a 300-foot-long driveway snaking through thick Pacific Northwest woods. Trees up here have very shallow roots. [...]

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