Another One Bites the Dust


One of America’s last great independent bookstores — Elliott Bay Books — closed tonight. (Powell’s in Portland is still open, at least.)

The story is here.

They’re reopening in a smaller location, a bit off the beaten track compared to where they were… but at considerably less rent, too.

They were — and will be again — a [...]

The Most Practical Info I Can Offer (With Tongue Only Slightly in Cheek)


I thought I’d turn this forum over to my practical get-through-life side for a few hours.

“Enjoy Yourself; It’s Later Than You Think”

It’s later by an hour, if you’re in the US and forgot to set your clocks ahead. Go, fix it now; I’ll wait.

Good. Let’s move on.

“Watching the Clothes Go ‘Round”

How much dishwasher or laundry [...]

Completely Off-Topic: Two Random Thoughts About the Oscars


1. What the heck is up with the title Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire? I’m an author too, and while no one is likely to make a movie from my book, I’d be embarrassed to have to deal with a movie titled Failure: Based on the Book “Legal Project Management” by Steven [...]

What Do Your Neighbors Think When They See Your Garage?


A German company, Style Your Garage, makes some wonderfully startling garage-door surface treatments:

Have a great weekend!

Happy Birthday, Abe


Today is Abraham Lincoln’s real birthday.

None of the Presidents Day retail-holiday stuff for me. I celebrate Abe specifically, and recall when all students learned of his birthday. Of course, we spent more time in, say, fourth grade cutting out dumb silhouettes of the man than learning what he did and what he stood for, but [...]

Traveling Monday-Wednesday, Getting Bombarded With Demos


I’m at LegalTech today through Wednesday, and so I likely won’t be posting much this week.

LegalTech is a combination conference and exhibition. I’m speaking at the former, doing the demo walk at the latter, and meeting with clients and colleagues whenever I can. Given the recent series on software demos, I’ll take some notes and [...]

If I Had Your Address, I Just Sent You a One-Time Mail


As I noted a few days ago, the blog was hacked recently. I had to restart it at a slightly different address.

I just sent a mail to folks who had given their EMail addresses with a comment. (I’ve been able to mine the old DB for various items.) I don’t know what happens to people [...]

Sorry, We've Been Hacked -- I'm Working on It


The NoCCrit Blog got hacked, somehow, and it looks like everything’s been trashed. I’m working on fixing it. Sorry….

Update 12:44PM PST: I’ve been able to recover the old data… into an Excel spreadsheet. There are over 1000 posts plus innumerable comments. Someone could probably write a script moving the old posts over to the rebuilt [...]

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