How to Keep Your Inbox Clear


I try to keep my Inbox clear, at a minimum emptying it every night.

Ideally, whenever I check mail, I go through each item in my Inbox and do one of five things with it after reading it:

Delete it.
Save it in a single History folder; see Monday’s post.
Respond to it — and then apply action #1 [...]

Search, Not File: Why Filing Fails


Yesterday I wrote about never filing another EMail (or almost never). Use a single Saved Mail folder — I call mine History — and search it.

Filing is a losing effort. I know some people are inveterate filers; I think at one point a group I was working with determined that about 10% of people were [...]

Stop Filing EMail


I had a couple of folks ask me in the past week about systems for filing EMail.

It’s easy. Don’t.

(I’ll cover later the legal obligation to retain certain mail, but that doesn’t change my suggestion.)

EMail is a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse when you allow it to suck time out of your day. It’s [...]

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